Start selling the way your buyers want to buy

NOTE: This article originally appeared on pages 24-25 of the August 2015 issue of Dealer Solutions.


The No Pressure Selling® Process

 Start selling the way your buyers want to buy

Business genius Dr. W. Edwards Deming said, “94% of all failure is caused by the wrong process, not the wrong people. If you’re selling bottom-tier cars to entry-level buyers, your sales process is simple, always have the lowest price. If you want to consistently sell high-margin premium cars to delighted buyers, your sales team needs to sell the No Pressure® way.

 Logic vs. Emotion

Ford Motor Company controlled 60% of the new car market in 1917, by 1940 Ford had less than 20% market share. How could a company that sold the lowest priced cars lose two-thirds of a rapidly growing market in just over 20 years? What happened?

A selling process that appealed to buyers’ emotions is what happened

In 1923 General Motors barely held 12% of the new car market when it named Alfred P. Sloan president. By 1931, GM had surpassed Ford once and for all to become the biggest and most profitable industrial enterprise the world had ever known.

Sloan’s selling process was fueled by emotions; Ford’s was pure logic. Ford tried to wring out every cost by mass producing one model. Henry Ford believed his customers only cared about buying the lowest price. ….

Does that sound like anybody you know…?

Ford knew cars. Sloan knew people. Sloan understood buyers were willing to scrimp to buy a car with the colors, styles and features that would satisfy their emotional desires , something the logical Mr. Ford couldn’t grasp.

Under Sloan’s leadership, GM buyers could mix and match interior and exterior colors and add high margin accessories like duel-discharge heaters, upholstered seats and cutting edge AM radios. GM understood the emotional benefits buyers wanted and used customization to provide them.

Stop and think about your own sales team. How effective are they when it comes to offering a customized solution that provides the emotional benefits their buyers’ want?

Even if your customers can buy the same exact make and model for the same price, or maybe even less, from a store down the road, there are four emotional benefits they simply cannot get anywhere else.

 So what are those 4 things no one except you can provide?

Your Dealership.

Your buyers may be able to find the same exact make, model, color, and features down the road for a little less, but your store offers something more. Don’t just say — We’ll take care of you …tell about Sally the go-to person if there is ever a problem. No one else has Sally.

Your Buyer’s Ideal Solution.
Burger King said there are 221,184 ways to order a Whopper sandwich. Your sales team has infinitely more important benefits than mustard, extra pickle hold the mayo. The best way for your team to navigate the vast ocean of unlimited choices is by focusing on giving buyers the emotional benefits they desire most. It’s hard to go wrong doing that.

Greatest Peace of Mind.
One way to provide peace of mind is helping buyers see Their Ideal Solution as an emotional investment. An emotional investment is made up of meaningful benefits like; a sense of wellbeing, enjoyment of limited free time and freedom from worry. Emotional investments not only provide exclusive peace of mind they can deliver ROI’s no financial investment can match.

Me (Salesperson)
No software on the planet can communicate with buyers on an emotional level. It takes properly trained consultants to get people enthusiastic about driving a benefit-rich automobile they may need to stretch a bit to afford. The emotional bond between the buyers and seller very often determines what people buy and how much more they’ll spend to get the extra benefit they desire most.

Have you ever been concerned a buyer could go down the road and buy the same thing from your competitor?

Focus on these four things and you’ll never worry about that again!

Next time you hear … “I always shop around before buying”, try something different.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a big circle with a big plus sign in the middle. No, this isn’t a Round 4 Square. The 4 Square uses guided logic. The Wheel of Value help buyers connect with their emotions; a night and day difference. [Jeanine, can you pull in a blank WOV at this point? I’m thinking the small one from Lightspeed training]

While drawing your Wheel of Value say something like … IF you shop around there are 4 very important things to keep in mind, let me jot them down for you. First, ask the name of their go-to person, like Sally, if you ever a have problem. Next, make sure they ask questions like mine to get the right information to design Your Ideal Solution. Third is the Greatest Peace of Mind; you know about the potential risks, so please make sure they address each risk to your satisfaction. And last is me. I’ll take care of everything. You won’t have to worry about a thing …. With your okay I’ll get started….

No Pressure Selling® gives your sales team the right process for delivering a consistent customer experience that offers the emotional benefits buyers cannot get anywhere else and boosts close rate, gross margin, and CSI scores.




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