Max Profit Selling® for Automotive

Max Profit Selling® shows you an easy-to-follow, buyer-friendly sales process that gives you the tools, skills, and confidence you need to consistently sell premium vehicles to delighted buyers. If you’re selling entry-level cars to first time buyers, always have the lowest price. But if you want to sell more premium vehicles to delighted buyers, you need a process called Max Profit Selling®. Max Profit Selling® helps you sell the benefits that only premium vehicles provide.

Max Profit Selling® focuses on:

  1. Customizing the buyers ideal vehicle.
  2. Providing the greatest peace of mind.
  3. Closing more by offering four exclusive benefits.

In this course your sales team will learn:

  • How to use the Most Wanted List tool to organize your questions and answers.
  • How to use the Wheel of Value tool to eliminate your competition.
  • How to build emotions during the demonstration.
  • How to use the No Pressure Selling® tools to overcome 95% of all objections.
  • How to provide the greatest peace of mind for your buyers.
  • How to provide the logical and emotional benefits your buyers want most.
  • How to master the art of asking the right questions.

After passing the Max Profit Selling® final exam, expect:

  • Your average gross profit to improve by at least 20%.
  • To sell three additional vehicles every month.

Business genius Dr. W. Edwards Deming said, “94% of all failure is caused by the wrong process, not the wrong people.” Max Profit Selling® teaches you to use the process that will give you and your sales team the results you want while improving customer satisfaction scores at the same time.


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