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After sales consultants pass all three No Pressure Selling® programs, they can expect to sell five additional vehicles per month. With 10 No Pressure Selling® Certified consultants, that’s 600 more vehicles SOLD every year! Once sales consultants pass all three No Pressure Selling® courses, your business can use the No Pressure Selling® Certified logo to display to buyers. This exclusive logo will show customers they can expect to receive a positive sales experience at your dealership. Becoming a No Pressure Selling® Certified dealership will separate you from the competition!

No Pressure Selling® is proud to offer the industry standard in automotive virtual training: LightspeedVT. With the No Pressure Selling® LightspeedVT platform, you have access to our exclusive sales training 24/7/365. Your sales team will be able to access their courses from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Students can complete their courses at their own pace. Best of all, you won’t lose any productive time because your salespeople won’t need to be out of the office for classroom training.

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  • Over 80% of all automotive buyers will spend more money for better benefits. Better benefits boost gross profits and help close sales. Make “selling on price” a thing of the past. After taking this course you’ll quickly increase your closing ratio and average selling price with two simple tools. You won’t find these tools in any other training course on the market today!

  • Baby Boomer buyers are your most profitable customers. The generation born between 1946 and 1964 includes about one quarter of the population—which controls 50% of all consumer discretionary spending. Many Boomers have the money to enjoy the emotional benefits only fully-loaded premium and luxury vehicles provide. Learn how to sell to this skeptical generation and watch your income soar!

  • Do you love car sales but hate the wasted hours waiting for the next up? Then you are going to love this course! You will learn how to build a full appointment calendar with a common-sense process of getting friends to refer friends your way.