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How to Sell More Residential HVAC Replacement Equipment at Higher Prices

This guidebook is your strategic weapon for selling HVAC residential replacement equipment!

"The Greatest Residential HVAC Sales Manual Ever Written"

More than an information packed, 50 page workbook from the best HVAC sales seminar in North America This guidebook can be your strategic weapon for selling HVAC residential replacement equipment in the 21st century.

You'll learn to sell more by raising VALUE, not lowering price. Until value has been established, the price is always too high. This proven information will help you sell more at higher prices, even if your area's economy is in the midst of an economic downturn.

After studying the step-by-step information in this in-depth guidebook, you'll know how to:

  • Find your best new customers
  • Keep from being disqualified by phone shoppers
  • Gain customer's trust and confidence
  • Find what future customers really want and need
  • Avoid the 3 largest sales killing mistakes
  • Determine how much money the old unit is wasting
  • Provide the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Offer "true" energy efficiency
  • Write proposals that greatly increase the value of your system
  • Price on value instead of cost
  • Present the solution people will buy
  • Use proven closes you'll feel comfortable using
  • And Much Much More
HVAC New Equipment Recommendation Form

When this form is completed by your service technicians, it will contain the logical and emotional information necessary to help make customers' lives better by replacing their HVAC equipment. Implement this form and watch your replacement sales soar. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

HVAC Replacement Equipment Installation Details

Outlines what you will and will not do. It lists each item your customer will do or have contracted. This tool increases value by eliminating common communication problems. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

Job Estimate

It's a fact. The more estimates you provide customers, the more you'll sell.

At last, a better, easier, more reliable way to figure a job. It's simple to determine labor. It's easy to calculate your sales price for materials. You won't forget to include the cost for subcontractors and your value-added make-up. (Even dimension information for your crane operator is listed).

The second page allows plenty of room for additional parts and instructions to the people who will be doing the work.

When completed, the Estimating System stands alone. If you're ever out of reach, it's easy for someone else to figure out what needs to be done. When communication problems are eliminated, your jobs will be more profitable.

Maintenance History Vehicle Inspection Repair Request

Properly maintained vehicles save you money. Using these two forms help assure you'll operate a safer fleet at the lowest possible cost. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

We CARE Refrigerant Logo & License

The WE CARE- WE RECOVER REFRIGERANT logo should be placed on everything your current and future customers see. You'll receive a camera ready "slick" of two designs and 4 sizes. That's 8 total logos. You'll also receive a license to use this logo on all your advertising, correspondence, service reports, proposals and any thing else that will let people know you care about them and the environment.

Peak Profit Repair Order/Invoice & Service Reports Package

Commercial and residential Peak Profit Service Reports. Find out all the benefits and features here.

Preston’s Guide – CD-ROM

The latest edition of Preston's Guide CD-ROM contains a comprehensive index to factory specifications through the year 2005. As an added bonus, they have included the Residential Gas & Oil Boiler listings through 2005. Now, you have instant access to over 520,000 listings of makes and models that can be scrolled, compared and printed. The CD-ROM also features a "Model Number Search" capability that users are delighted with in how quickly they can find a unit’s listing when all you have to go on is a model number. Moreover, you needn't enter all the characters of the model number but rather just the first few and, all matches will be listed.

In addition, Preston’s CD-ROM also features the Seasonal Energy-Cost Comparator allowing you to make a quick comparison of the estimated energy costs of the customer’s old equipment vs. those of your proposed replacement unit. Print these out to include with your presentation to the customer.

Preston’s CD–ROM is a stand-alone database that runs on all versions of Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems. The CD-ROM software includes a license agreement allowing you to make a copy of it on to a single pc’s hard drive. Multiple copies are discount priced to accommodate needing it on multiple computers. It may also be run on a server but is limited to one user at a time.

Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Peak Performance Inspection Report

The best, most exhaustive commercial inspection report you've ever seen.

Due to its distinctive design and information, this form can give you a marked advantage over your competition. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Peak Performance Inspection Report

Has all the "right stuff" to appeal to your customer's logical and emotional concerns. This form can add value and professionalism on every inspection your company performs. This camera ready form only $19.95 each.