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Boomer Selling

Helping the wealthiest generation in history own your premium products and services. Your greatest opportunity to reach financial freedom in any economy is by selling more high-margin products and services to people who can afford them. One group of buyers controls over half of all discretionary spending, holds 70% of the wealth and has a growing need to improve their lives with your premium solutions.We are called Baby Boomers the wealthiest, toughest and most complex generation ever.

Many great books explain how to market to Baby Boomers, Boomer Selling is the first to fully reveal how to sell to Boomers:

  • Climb inside the mind of the most important group of consumers in history
  • Discover how to make Boomers your greatest source of profits, repeat business and pre-sold referrals
  • Learn a common sense sales process that will make your job easier, less stressful and a whole lot of fun
  • Let Boomer Selling be your guidebook to financial freedom.

“Boomer Selling is an insightful and fun read. It speaks to me as a Boomer and as leader of a business who prides itself on selling a premium solution by adding value at every step. Your advice on listening, customizing a solution and measuring success through referrals is fundamental to your No-Pressure Selling® trademark.”

—DAVE PANNIER, President, Residential Systems,
Trane and American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning

50 Low Cost Ways to Acquire New Customers

The best businesses in America lose up to 20 of their customers every year. Your customers' needs change, they move, go broke, go out of business, die or their brothers-in-law start businesses like yours.

You must attract more customers than you lose if you want to grow and prosper in today's rapidly changing economy.

Secrets to Selling Service

If, after listening to the 12 information packed $ecrets to $elling $ervice CD's and reviewing the in-depth information in the resource manual, then incorporating just three of the hundreds of ideas in this comprehensive program, you do not sell more commercial HVAC service, service agreements or replacement equipment, return the program in usable condition within 30 days of receiving it and we'll refund the purchase price. Send your order today and sell more commercial service in four weeks -- Guaranteed. $ecrets to $elling $ervice is much more than an audio textbook on how to sell commercial and industrial HVAC service and equipment. It's a step-by-step guide to help you gain and retain the up-to-date information needed for you and your company to grow and prosper in the coming years.

This program was specifically designed for HVAC company owners, managers, sales professionals, both new and veterans, and any one else in your organization who sells ideas or offers solutions that make peoples' lives better. This is not a "one size fits all" sales course showing how to sell everything from real estate to used cars. It is however, a collection of proven sales techniques interwoven with necessary, easy to understand technical information and designed solely for the HVAC industry.

Because people learn differently, we've included an information packed workbook/resource manual along with the 12 CD's, so the most important phrases, ideas and questions can be highlighted. To make learning new material easier, each tape covers only one major concept. Hearing, seeing and using this profitable sales building information several times makes it yours.


  • $ecrets to $elling $ervice in the New Economy
  • $ecrets to Managing Your Goals, Objectives & Time
  • $ecrets to Finding The Best New Customers
  • $ecrets to $elling $ervice Agreements
  • $ecrets to Discovering Profitable Opportunities
  • $ecrets to Finding What People Want and Need
  • 14 Competitor's Mistakes to Avoid
  • $ecrets to "Marketing" You and You Company
  • $ecrets to Writing Winning Proposals
  • $ecrets to Selling Total Maintenance Agreements
  • Proven Commercial & Industrial Markets and Strategies
  • $ecrets to Turning Your Plan for Success Into Dollar
  • $ecrets to Turning Contacts into Customers
  • $ecrets to $elling Remodels, Retrofits and Replacement Equipment
  • $ecrets to Reaching Decision Makers by Penetrating their Screens
  • $ecrets to Beating Your Competition Without Lowering Your Price
  • $ecrets to Getting More Orders
  • $ecrets to Making Winning Presentations
  • $ecrets to Increasing the Demand For Your Services
  • Your $ecret Weapon, Peak Performance Service Agreement